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We know that the decision to enter into counseling is not taken lightly. There are several factors to consider. Having a good connection with your therapist can make all the difference in the success of counseling. Research indicates the quality of the therapeutic connection between counselor and client is a leading factor in positive therapeutic outcomes.

Because the therapeutic connection is chiefly important to the therapy process, if you feel for any reason, you would be more comfortable with a different therapist, your counselor will work with you to find a therapist who better meets your needs. We genuinely want to see you establish an outstanding therapeutic relationship with your clinician, so that you can have the best experience possible in counseling.

No one can guarantee a positive outcome in therapy, but having good rapport with your counselor goes a long way in starting you towards that goal. After all, most positive change in our lives occurs within the context of positive relationships, right? Therapy is no different.

In addition to seeking a genuine connection with clients, SLC counselors are selected for their advanced training in several of today’s leading therapeutic models which are proven to best equip clients in achieving lasting change.

It is this specific blend of compassionate, empowering connection and commitment to excellence in education that truly sets the counselors at Spring Life Counseling, LLC apart from the rest.