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Springing Into The New Season

Hooray! Yesterday was the first day of spring! I know that title is cheesy but spring has sprung and I can’t help myself!! Here at Spring Life Counseling, LLC we love springtime. After all…it’s on our name!

Spring is so naturally encouraging and energizing. For me, this season has a way of bringing back to mind positive memories of good times. It feels like wide open spaces and fresh breezes. Everything is transitioning from being cooped up and tucked away to being out in the open and coming back to life.

So many lessons live in the regularity of the seasons. Grace. Forgiveness. Moving on. Starting afresh. Without fail, spring always follows winter. Before you know it, you forget what it was like in the cold. What held you inside in the wintertime is no longer a factor. You can enjoy fresh air, fresh locations, fresh routines and fresh color. The restraints of winter have been cast off and the possibilities for springtime feel limitless!

With the spirit of spring in mind, take the time today to do a little personal inventory. I’d recommend you write out your responses to these questions (and whatever else comes up in the vein) so that you can keep good track of your process and have more clarity about where you’re heading. I find journaling to be really helpful to this end.

  • Was there anything you felt committed to during winter that you’ve slacked up on lately? (I.e., New Years Resolutions)
  • Is there anything you need to let go of that you brought with you from he winter?
    • People experiencing Seasonal Affective Disorder get to naturally transition out of the dark at this time!
    • Do you have any relational bad habits that you picked up when everyone was stuck together all winter?
  • What changes would you like to see relationally in this next season of life?
    • Is there someone you’d like to get to know more deeply?
    • Is there anyone you need to take a step back from?
  • What new routines would you like to put into place? This holistically: physically, mentally, socially, financially, spiritually, etc.
  • What do you want to be able to do during the summer that you can’t do today?

My sincere hope for you is that this season blows you away with all the amazing things in store for you and yours!

Spring is also a great time to engage in the counseling process in order to weed out negative things in your life. If you’d like more information about the counseling process, click here.