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How To Give A Rip: Part 2


Yesterday we looked at one small step that can bring about big change in all roles of your life and WHY it is important to take that step.

Today we will begin to unpack HOW you can bring about this change in your life by looking at the first part of this statement:

Figure out a way to give a rip about whatever is in front of you.

Figure out a way…

More often than not, this process of “learning to give a rip” has to start with “figuring out a way” because you’re just genuinely not interested in whatever it is you’re facing. You’re not interested in your math homework…your TPS report…your husband’s March Madness bracket…your kid’s tuba practice…whatever. It takes a degree of intellectual creativity to re-work the challenge in front of you until you can find a way to get interested in it.

  • Look at the issue through a different light than usual.
  • Put your frustrations to the side for a moment.
  • Think of someone who is truly interested in the issue.
  • What do you think they like about it?
  • Maybe there’s something in it that you can use to increase your interest.

Like all things of value, setting your intentions in a new direction requires some work. You’ve got to “steer the ship” to the place you want it to go. Negative thoughts about the effort that is required, about whatever else you’d rather be doing, or about how lame something is will pop in your head and offer you an enticing distraction to move on to something you’re more comfortable with. Show those thoughts whose boss and redirect them to where you truly want them to go. It takes time and intentionality. You won’t see a big change over night. But if you stick with it and develop a true interest, the rewards are worth it and will go beyond what you can see on the surface.

Tomorrow we will continue to discuss the HOW component of “giving a rip.”

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